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Assieme Edizioni Musicali is a publishing company, established in 1982 in Sanremo (the city of Music), as well as a current record label, having released numerous songs made in co-production with the old label Dischi Noi (since 1981). The company, which for brevity will be called Assieme sas, operated throughout the 80’s, in the fields of music recording and television, collaborating with the most important majors of the time (RCA, CBS, WARNER etc.) and Broadcasting (RAI, MEDIASET, BBC etc.). Assieme sas was the first in Italy to invest in rock music, specifically Italian artists who wrote English lyrics. Assieme has been cited by the most important international music magazines, from Billboard and Rolling Stone, to Melody Maker, Music & Amp, Dischi, and even the cover of the Cannes Midem magazine, which featured a full-page article. With Sanremo being the home of Italy’s first true rock festival, many notable rock artists have passed through our offices. At one point, Assieme sas collaborated with Italy’s top commercial radios to make a selection of 5,000 music cassettes of Italian rock bands. From that selection thirty artists emerged. They were produced by Assieme and Dischi Noi, with the support of the leading producers of the time. The selected artists had the opportunity to perform in the temple of British rock music, the Hammersmith Odeon in London. Here are some groups whose albums were released by Assieme/Dischi noi: Futuritmi, Crossbones, Iron Wire, The Chromatics, Italian Rock Invasion. Assieme sas has created its own label, Assieme Edizioni Musicali, depicted by an 80’s styled logo, which consists of a hand-made drawing including a family of birds, chirping together in harmony. Recently we’ve come out on the market with a series of new productions for the artist ARIA. Assieme the label is currently releasing ARIA’s new record, which features the voice of Sherita-O, the latest representative of the group Boney M. Also featured is the City of Prague Philharmonic orchestra. The record, titled A Christmas Letter, will be in stores on Nov. 20, and we’re in the process of pressing the 45 rpm vinyl single. ARIA, a pseudonym for Mariano Schiavolini, artist/producer, composer and arranger, as well as multi-instrumentalist, has created his own works, with the collaboration of musicians from around the world. These collaborating artists interpreted ARIA’s parts, providing the contaminations necessary for musical research, and for creating what is essentially world music.

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