Assieme Edizioni

Who Are

Together San Remo Editions, since 1982, as well as managing a music catalog administered by Warner, and producing and distributing records internationally, through world-renowned producers such as.
Kit Woolven, (Jon Anderson,David Bowie, Magnum, Thin Lizzy), Nick Griffits, (Pink Floyd, Roger Waters’) Will Reid Dick, ( Saxon, Motorhead,Phil Lynott) Daniel Boone (Uriah Heep, The Who, Craftwork), Dennis Harmon (Nina Hagen, Roger Taylor, Judat Priest) Nigel Leubey(Mike Oldfield-Moonlight Shadow) etc.
specializes in designing intellectual works in multiple areas of copyright law.
As a publisher he has produced, among other things, the official magazine of the National Dog League, called Greenwatch and distributed in more than 3,000 newsstands and truck stops, by Parrini Spa of Rome. The animal magazine, first in the industry, had sales of about 30,000 copies. Distinguished journalists were part of the design team at the Ospedaletti branch office, and the graphics department was headed by graphic designer Gianluca Giovannini (Florence Academy of Fine Arts), currently with the company.
Within the company was the design department for molds, including for third parties, in collaboration with Oderso’s major mold manufacturer Euro Stampi srl. And with R. Montavon SA a leading company in the European market for the manufacture of molds and production of precision crystals for watchmaking, medical, optical, and general industry.
Several patents, PCTs, have been developed between Montavon and Mr. Schiavolini, general manager of Assieme.
Mr. Schiavolini, Assieme’s project manager, specialized in filing trademarks and patents together with the firm of Barzanò and Zanardo, and Dr. Prof. Franco Cicogna, both of Milan. He has also filed trademarks and patents on behalf of third parties. A trademark called CREO designed and created by Assieme edizioni for Dischi Noi, which when the company closed, passed to the firm Lube.
He collaborated with Bob Geldof along with singer Marsha Hunt who worked in the London offices of Band Aid, and his manager Marshall Art, both producers of the great Live Aid concert, along with the prestigious British recording studio Air Studio, to write several projects including, Christmas for Africa, 1983, sponsored by UNICEF, CROCE ROSSA ITALIANA, a precursor project and true inspiration for the similar project later produced by Bob. Marshall art later produced for Assieme the rock music festival at the Hammersmith in London.

Assieme edizioni collaborates with major architecture and design firms, and especially with the Zucchi architectural firm in Milan, and with the structural engineering firm Associato Ing. Cinuzzi in Rome. Within the design department, there is designer Vadim Zenin, who processes the 3d modeling of the projects idea